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I am a licensed psychotherapist in Los Angeles, CA. I received a Bachelor's degree in Interpersonal Communication from UCLA, as well as a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Southern California. I completed my initial clinical training at Homeless Healthcare LA and the Southern California Counseling Center. I then spent a number of years working as a therapist at Monte Nido - EDCC, a day treatment facility for both adolescent and adult individuals recovering from eating disorders. I went on to become the Program Director of Center For Discovery, Woodland Hills for two years before leaving the treatment world to dedicate my full time and energy to supporting clients in private practice.


  • Eating Disorders

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Women's Issues

  • LGBTQIA & Identity Issues

  • Couples & Family Therapy

  • Teens


Kathryn Sadigh-Behzadi​

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


image of Kate Behzadi holding a coffee mug


The best advice I ever received about practicing psychotherapy was, "be a human first and a therapist second." To this day, I hold this sentiment in mind while sitting with my clients. I come from a post-modern and client-centered perspective, which means that I do not see myself as an expert on your life. YOU, are the expert. My skillset is in guiding conversations so that you may discover things for yourself, with my support. My goal is to provide a safe space in which to challenge yourself and heal - I do this by taking a warm, but direct, approach in our conversations. "Therapeutic conversations help us navigate the limitations and dilemmas we all face. We each have ongoing stories about our lives, which are written by multiple authors: ourselves, our families, community, culture, and society. Some of these stories empower and embolden while others constrain and limit." 


I focus on helping people separate their preferences from their problems, identify values that are most important to them, and determine the actions that will best express those values and preferences. I work collaboratively with people to detail their future hopes and honor the histories that inform their current experiences and relationships. We will probably laugh a lot too, if I'm honest.

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